Wednesday 26 March – Our First session in Brent – and we lived to tell the tale

so Andy, Andrea Bolder Voices and I meet at the rehearsal space to go through a new song and practice teaching warmups and songs to each other. Of course it’s harder than it looks. You never expect people not to get it or to ask for you to repeat something. Or for yourself to get totally flummoxed. So here’s Bolder Sonya practising teaching her song with Bolder Stanley. Image

Image  later in the residential home Willesden Court, Bolder Florence runs a stretchy warmup as Andy plays on guitar. When I think back on putting all this together a lot of tension and anxiety arose over people being stressed out over not being able to work the CD player or the music being too loud. What joy to have Andy’s magic fingers there as we stretched and relaxed.

ImageBolder Betty talks to resident Derek about things he loves. We collected all the things everyone loved – including tapdancing, ackee and rice, knitting scarves, clubbing in Hammersmith Palais and roast beef and Yorkshire pud and will put them in a song for next week. And then we sang and sang. We held hands around the world (down by the riverside), we did the hokey cokey, we requested (in vain) for Mr Tallyman to tally me bananas. The hour flew by. My inner control freak could have used less space in between songs – but why did that bother me? Everyone had a great time. I’ve never had such a great time in a residential home – there’s a lot to be said for going in with ten enthusiastic, engaged people and just letting what happens, happen. In the end, we all just had a good time.


Tomorrow we go to the home in Camden. More games and drama. Still crossing fingers.



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