21 April Sunday – The Coat is dead, long live The Coat

In a way it was surprising The Coat lasted this long. I needed it when I left snowing London, then didn’t when it went to 25C in New York, then did just two days later when the rain lashed down and the wind blew like fury. Then in Washington DC the cherry blossoms were out and I got sunburn…. etc, etc.

So yesterday, in between Boston and Northampton I left The Coat in the boot of my mum’s car over the weekend where my sister and I were visiting on our birthdays. Now it is miles away in Duxbury Massachusetts.

Last night I listened to the weather report. For the rest of the week each day would start under 0 degrees and gradually rise, then toward the middle of the week it would rain. And San Francisco, my final destination, far from being the sun-soaked California idyll many believe it to be is chilly and damp!

So I wake up at 5. Suddenly more insecure than I have been throughout the entire trip. Call me neurotic. You would be right.  But somehow with a coat you are protected. At home I have dozens of coats in my front hall I can call on at any moment. Here, I am completely vulnerable.

I will now stop whingeing on about my coatless state and show you brand new second hand coat ($10, about 7 quid, cheap at half the price). And one last little picture of the old one.



3 thoughts on “21 April Sunday – The Coat is dead, long live The Coat

  1. Lynn

    Clairsky – this blog is a triumph.
    So vivid – feel like I’ve really got the mood of the sessions that you’ve been attending.
    Loving the new coat!
    Thought about you a lot on your birthday.
    Are you on a different USA mob?
    Spoke to Gen which was nice.
    Big love xx

  2. Singing Seniors Post author

    Actually I’m in a really awful mood – have just checked out the comments for my Travel Lodge in San Fran where I’m staying 10 NIGHTS and they are mentioning BED BUGS THIN WALLS CAN’T GET TO SLEEP TIL 3 AM WHEN THE DRUG DEALERS AND HOOKERS GIVE UP!!!! OMG!!! Hoping I can change it. What a horror story! So thanks for your positive words! I bet ou’re glad it’s finally nice there – it’s about 5C here BRRRRR

  3. Bhavesh Hindocha

    Hi Clair – you’re doing a great job blogging! Look at you – you techy whizzkid! Great to hear about your journey, your encounters, and the great work going on in the States that I’ve never heard about before. You’re building a bridge that I hope we can keep using. And learning lots, and being inspired. And passing that on. Thankyou. Hope it continues to be a fruitful journey. x


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