Tuesday, 16 April – what a week to be in Boston

The Boston Marathon was yesterday and the city is in shock. Horrific bombing aimed at this  international day of joyous celebration and nothing is known about the perpetrators, what they used as bombs or their intentions or if they had support. The night before I leave New York (Monday, when the bombing occurs) I get a flurry of texts from people who aren’t sure of my schedule: WHERE ARE YOU. ARE YOU IN BOSTON. ARE YOU ALRIGHT.

Everyone I meet in Boston of course, is edgy and upset, has their story about where they were when the bombs hit the marathon. It’s one of those moments. No one will ever forget.

I speak to Inez Hedges, Professor of Languages and Culture at Northeastern University who participates in Playwrights’ Platform, an intergenerational fortnightly meeting where people age 30 – 80 bring in 10 minute plays which are performed by professional actors who are not currently in work. It means that a ten minute play will have a proper reading followed by a critique by those present. Once a year ten plays are selected and performed for the public.

We part after a quick cup of coffee to go back into the sad city.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday, 16 April – what a week to be in Boston

  1. Enid Irving

    Clair – I did not know that you would be in Boston of all places! Must be devastating.

    I love all the pics you are sending through – had a brief note from Andrea saying what a fab time she had had in Peru – a meeting at Tavis doesn’t quite cut it!

    Love Enid


  2. Enid Irving

    I think you should try for this – not only for your work producing plays for older actors ( it is our life’s blood) but also for Singing Seniors – everyone involved becomes healthier/more outgoing/has more than companionship etc and you have solid proof of all these things! Go for it girl! Love e



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