Friday 12 April – Life Collage Program – We are all Artists Now

IMG_0042IMG_0039Another trek out of Manhattan this time to Queens, far less painful than Brooklyn.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to see to be honest – it was one of those events with about 4 partners and you really aren’t quite sure who any of them are. I went thinking I was going to see an event which had some element of work with people with dementia as one of the partners was ESTA  (Elders Share the Arts, where I saw the amazing dementia workshop on Wednesday).

But it wasn’t that… it was an end of year (well, 30 week) showing of an arts project for people aged 60+, who had been working with professional artists over that time.

IMG_0037 IMG_0045

“Who did this work?” I asked.  “We did! We’re artists. We are all artists now.” 

Each book was a labour of love, the one on the left a cookbook full of her favourite recipes, the one on the right a collection of articles about her hero. With the artists, each was made into a stylish presentation and they were exhibited with such pride, such pride.


3 thoughts on “Friday 12 April – Life Collage Program – We are all Artists Now

  1. Johanna

    We are Loving reading the blog so much. And hearing all the different practice you are unearthing. Looking forward to trying some of this out in London! Pics are fab but the descriptions give a real flavour of the people you’re encountering. Keep it coming!

    1. Singing Seniors Post author

      I am so glad to get some feedback! Feels like you kind of send it out into the great blue yonder. Tonight a writing group and the union chorus, then onto Boston. xx

  2. Lynn

    Loving this Hun – very vivid. So glad that you are having such an adventure.
    When I am old I will wear pink sunglasses with matching nail varnish…


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