6 April – In praise of technology? Starbucks? .. or something



None of us really noticed how absolutely wedded to laptops and computers we had become. I’ll rephrase that. I hadn’t really noticed how wedded I had become. Pop off the quick note to buddies in lieu of conversation. For how many years have I been doing that? Anyone younger who is reading this will be completely puzzled but people of my age (60) will get it. The time pre email, pre answering machine pre text where we just wrote letters and tried to phone landlines.

This is in danger of going off in a mad direction…. Anyway… suffice it to say I put my entire journey in the hands of email, crossed the pond only to find that little notes greeted me every time I opened my computer: “None of your networks is responding….” And for 2 days – 2 days! I was incommunicado. And a little hysterical.

Which in retrospect is – pathetic. So what? I can’t get online? So enjoy New York! So what’s the problem? The problem is…. that I’m suddenly cut off from playing Lexulous with my sisters and mother, finding out how many hits the Bolder You Tube has had, and just little things from back home…. it just seemed to go along with my general feeling of jetlag, homesickness. But scariest, my sudden feeling that my whole project was going to fall apart. Which is why one hour in a Starbucks has made me into a happy bunny as a quickly said hi to buddies and planned the next bit of my trip. Swigging caffeine merrily around me everyone here is in a similar place – finishing dissertations, contacting the world. I’m caught up. Now I can get on with my life and better, I can’t even look at any emails for a whole other day. In itself a kind of blessing.


One thought on “6 April – In praise of technology? Starbucks? .. or something

  1. Enid Irving

    So glad you are in NY – say hullo to 30th Street & 3rd Avenue – you are ON YOUR WAY! Marvellous news – had lunch with Susie & Estelle – very jolly & lots of laughter – your little ears should have been burning pleasantly! Very very proud of you – love one of yr singers! exxx


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