5 April – Day 1 in New York

5 April


Woke up on Floor 47 of where I’m staying. Very glad I live in a basement. After years of wanting more view this is maybe too much view. My ears pop when I go up in the lift.


Love this city. Love New York. Now see why people complain about getting around in London. For me it is of course second nature.  Of course streets change their names in the middle and curve impossibly and buses go on mad winding journeys. Here, buses go straight up the street about 3 blocks. Stop. Then another 3. Stop. Then there’s a crosstown bus (self explanatory). Have paid 20 pounds for a Metro card which is unlimited journeys for a week.


But not just the public transport. Someone in the Apple shop saved me $39 and gave me a free adaptor. “Just cause it’s Friday” he said. Would a Londoner do it? I don’t know. I had a bagel to die for. Definitely couldn’t get that in London. “I just wanted to tell you that was a fabulous lunch “ I said, “That’s cause we make it with love” he said.


So…… my first trip to SAGE. Seniors Active in a Gay Environment, now the acronym has changed. It was my first stop when I was first started thinking about this journey. There’s quite a lot on offer and from afar one gets the impression of a noisy busy buzzy place. I spoke briefly to Rebecca Heisler, who does life long learning and her male equivalent. They’re struggling. They have “quotas” around  exercise…. And no one wants to do any. “They all just want to sit around and drink coffee and chat”. They have a wonderful facility but not a great core. They offer cut price food, but the food isn’t very nice. She gets criticized for being too young.


Next week I’ll check out some of the programmes, talk to some of the people who are involved and give sessions. So far, I’m sad. I have been carrying with me the image of “Drag ballet in the Bronx” which has carried me through putting together this whole Fellowship.  


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