Two nights to go

Sitting in my kitchen in London with while son Mac and friends Jo & Phil are respectively arguing about multiculturalism and teaching me how to do a blog. I am alternately thrilled and terrified about this trip. How can I bring a coat that will suit me in both Boston and San Francisco? Do I want to take my bigger turquoise wacky backpack or my slightly more sedate black Samsonite backpack?  How much technology should I take? What if it fails me? (it will). What will I do when I don’t have a buddy like Phil to help me when my blog goes up the wazoo?  On the other hand….. I have been talking to amazing people for months who work with seniors on amazing projects. Can’t wait to meet them. On the other hand… I just watched the Cary Grant film the other night where the only big building in New York was the Empire State Building.. how will I find my way anywhere in New York? On the other hand, I do live in London……..


an adventure. Wow. I could be here doing same old same old but instead I’m going on this big adventure. Excellent.


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